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Nicky, Coromandel New Zealand

my 2 dogs love this product have tried them on different ones from the vets and they turn their noses up at it but love Acres awesome product and great to deal with

Lolita Davison, Papakura

My dog Bear has been eating Acres dog food for 2 months now which he loves and if I give him anything else, he looks for the Acres dog food. He has a beautiful shiny coat as a result of eating this dog food, is extremely healthy and happy and I am very impressed with the quality of the feed. I now also own an 8 week old puppy, who is also extremely keen about the Acres dog food wanting to steal it from Bears bowl!!

George Rigg, Devonport

My dog Summer Golden retriever age 13 years has never looked so good since eating Acres Dog kibbles Her Coat looks Better and her well being is Much Better she even Looks Trimmer well done acres

Sean Thompson, Sunnyvale Auckland

Our dog loves your product keeps him fit and healthy and growing well. Really well priced and the service is great I will be continuing to purchase your product and recommending to all other dog owners!

111 Animal Rescue, Tiffany, Albany, Auckland

Fantastic product. All our dogs are on Acres & even our rescue Pig gets some as a special treat!

Wiremu Paenga, Tikitiki

Hi all, thank the universe for this product. the first time we tried Acres, a difference in coat and growth was visible in 3 days. it also keeps mydogs fuller then most other foods.

Richard Notley, Mandeville North

Visited Cleveden market and used a sample on our 5 dogs. Now have food delivered to our Canterbury home. The dogs love it.

Sandy Morrison, Northland

I recently won 12 Months supply of Acres Dog & Cat Food (through the promotion at our local GAS Station), Both the dogs and the cat love the product, Even better they seem to be eating less, their coats have improved, energy levels have improved and with both the older animals there is more enjoyment around their day to day activities, Thanks Guys!!!!!!

wendy, auckland

my dog OLLY has been on acres kibbles for five weeks now and his coat is so soft and shiny we get comments all the time about his condition for a lab i think its a WINNER!!!!!

Maia, New Zealand

My dogs have both been on this now for 2months and have never looked better., plus they absolutely love it (I have to get it into their biscuit container quickly or they start pulling the plastic off to get to it :) ) Also it was good to read other peoples comments on how good it has been for their dogs with skin problems as both mine have suffered from some sort in the past (Demodex, hotspots, atopic skin allergies) and so far so good I will definitely be keeping them on this as we have dog shows coming up

Suzanne Brown, Whangaparoa, Auckland

We have been buying Acres complete dog food for Jackson and Angel, our two English Staffordshire Bullterriers, for over a year now and they love it! It keeps them in great condition and their energy levels high...possibly too high! Our female staffy has white fur and sensitive skin. It often flares up with a lot of other dog foods, but not with Acres. We are also impressed with Acres friendly staff and fast delivery. We will be buying Acres products for years to come!

Nancy Pengelly, Plimmerton

Your dog food arrived yesterday and we love it! Thank you so much for the quick response. My human heard you on the radio a while ago-Danny Watson's talk show-and she has been wanting to try your product. Seeing it on Treat Me inspired her to order some, so we're glad you did that. Thanks again, Cali and Buck

Ruth, Auckland

Thanks guys. Got the dog food. Meg (the dog) likes it so all good. Ruth

Maureen Hennessy, Whakatane, NZ

Our dog (very active rural dog) will eat anything, so we weren't sure if we would see a change as she treats any food as amazing. Her coat got shinier and she seems more satisfied with her meals when she has Acres dog food. We have been out of Acres food this week and she has been scoffing her cheap substitute but then seems hungry still and begs more. The delivery is always next day and we love it!

Richard Turner, Omaha Beach, Auckland

I've had Bernese Mountain Dogs for over 10 years and have used a lot of different brands of feed over this time. My latest Berner BOZ had a few issues with his skin flaking and was therefore scratching alot - I tried a whole bunch of different additives and supplements not to mention so called \specialist"(expensive!!) feeds and none had any effect. Since we've been on the Acres Pet Food he cleared up pretty much within a couple of weeks and no longer has any skin it goes without saying that my search for a great feed for my dogs has ended !!"""

Viv Bidwell, Clive, Hawke's Bay

I took a gamble on the strength of your testimonials, and ordered 2 x 15kg bags of food for my 4 year old, 43kg choc lab/chesapeake bay retriever. The gamble paid off - he only gets one cup of dry food in the mornings, and a K9 raw sausage with a small brisket bone at night. Changing that one cup of dry food to your brand had noticeably softened and improved his coat within 2 weeks. He also loves it :) Brilliant product - thanks very much!