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Selena Ahomiro, Te Atatu Peninsula, Waitakere

We highly recommend Acres biscuits! We were lucky enough to win a competition for a year's supply of Acres Pet food and my dogs love it. Prior to starting Acres, my dog Coco had stopped eating her biscuits. She had stopped eating after our beloved dog Max died suddenly in 2014. I tried offering her a variety of higher end supermarket brand biscuits to entice her to eat, to no avail. Late Jan 2015 we inherited a boisterous 5 mth old puppy named Leo and I had just begun Acres feed. The new biscuits combined with new pup (competition for food) was a recipe for success. Coco began eating again, regained weight lost and she has her appetite for life back. I used to wish Coco would eat more slowly but now I am delighted to see her wolf it down! Thanks Acres :)