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wendy, auckland

my dog OLLY has been on acres kibbles for five weeks now and his coat is so soft and shiny we get comments all the time about his condition for a lab i think its a WINNER!!!!!

Andrew, Pukekawa

We have been feeding our dogs, Sam, Milo & Pepper, on Acres dog food for several months now and find it to be economical and of excelent quality. The dogs love the food and we have also noticed that their coat conditions have improved. Love the product and love the service.

Richard Notley, Mandeville North

Visited Cleveden market and used a sample on our 5 dogs. Now have food delivered to our Canterbury home. The dogs love it.

Angela Williams, Martinborough

We heard the story about how Acres began, loved it and decided that if somene loved their dogs that much that it was worth a try. Loretta, our 3yr old border collie x lab is, because of us, very spoilt at mealtimes and always gets a bit of something with her crunchies like steak, chicken or egg. We have been integrating her new Acres food with her usual crunchies to get her adjusted to her new diet. As a rule she will always pick out the good bits then move on to her crunchies. The first time I added her new food into the equation, she bypassed the steak, took her time and carefully picked out every single new crunchie in the bowl! I took that as a very good review from Loretta!

Maia, New Zealand

My dogs have both been on this now for 2months and have never looked better., plus they absolutely love it (I have to get it into their biscuit container quickly or they start pulling the plastic off to get to it :) ) Also it was good to read other peoples comments on how good it has been for their dogs with skin problems as both mine have suffered from some sort in the past (Demodex, hotspots, atopic skin allergies) and so far so good I will definitely be keeping them on this as we have dog shows coming up

Richard Houston, Tauranga

My American Bulldog Blaze has been eating Acres dog food for years now and still loves it. I went through a lot of expensive brands prior to this and he always got sick of them after a few months. Great product at a great price.

Sharon Fenton, Onehunga

We have a 5.5 year old Border Collie who has been on the Acres product now for approximately 18 months. He LOVES it! We love the great quality product at a very affordable price. The 15kg bag fits straight into his biscuit container and 2 scoops a day is all he needs. Customer service and website interaction is perfect and delivery is spot on. I can't fault Acres in any way - thank you and keep up the good work chaps! :)

Naylene Smith, Whangarei

To the Acres Pet Food Team, I just HAD to write you about your dog food! We recently acquired our 2 year-old Foxy Cross dog, Tiny (photo attached). When we first got her, we bought a popular EXPENSIVE brand of dog biscuits. And then a couple of weeks later, we remembered our friends had recommended your dog food, so we ordered a bag. When we got your delivery, we combined your dog food with the original food we bought to introduce Tiny to the new taste. WELL......we noticed that she would take a mouthful of the biscuits and drop them on the floor and she would SEPARATE the two types and eat YOUR food FIRST, and when she had eaten all of the Acres food, then she would eat the other! I thought you might like to have this feedback to add to your files. I reckon Tiny's taste preference is the best advertisement you could ever get! Keep up the good work and I'll be placing another order in a few weeks! Cheers, Naylene Smith...PS...feel free to use this in your advertising!

Wiremu Paenga, Tikitiki

Hi all, thank the universe for this product. the first time we tried Acres, a difference in coat and growth was visible in 3 days. it also keeps mydogs fuller then most other foods.

Kay Carey, Waihi Beach - New Zealand

Our dog Zac just loves these kibbles. We are mixing them up with his old kibbles (to get rid of them) and he is eating all the new ones and leaving the old ones in his bowl.

Maureen Hennessy, Whakatane, NZ

Our dog (very active rural dog) will eat anything, so we weren't sure if we would see a change as she treats any food as amazing. Her coat got shinier and she seems more satisfied with her meals when she has Acres dog food. We have been out of Acres food this week and she has been scoffing her cheap substitute but then seems hungry still and begs more. The delivery is always next day and we love it!

Helen Louise Cook, Auckland

We own a kennel and Cattery and have been using Acres dog food and absolutely love it. The dogs are happy and healthy and there is very little waste, if any. Once we heard that Acres were developing a cat food, we could not wait to try it. Amazing product the cats love it, even preferring it to wet cat food. We could not be happier. Not only do we use it in the kennel and Cattery but also give it to our own dogs and cats and we are totally satisfied with the products and recommend Acres to all our customers, family and friends. Helen & Gavin Country Retreat for Dogs and Cats.

Elle, Auckland

My 2 dogs, Chief (11.5) and Fudge (2) are both large breeds and we have tried all the brands from the supermarkets and had started on some from the pet shop. Each brand caused skin problems for both dogs. After starting them on Acres the rash has gone, but more noticeably their coats are shiny and soft, even on the old dog. I would recommend this dog food to every dog. Elle

Karen Spurdle, Whitianga

Have been using Acres Pet Products for a few years now and our dogs have never been healthier! Exceptional product and loving the Grainfree option.

Rachael, Auckland

I purchased the TreatMe 15kg deal. Super impressed with delivery. I think I ordered about 9.30-10pm on the day of the deal and the bag was on my door step when I got home the following day at 4.30pm!! So far my dog - Miss Coal - seems to be enjoying the new bikkies. She has been on Eukanuba Large Breed (green bag) for 2 years and I pay $89.95 for 15kg bag Will definately consider your brand again. Regards Rachael

Sandy Morrison, Northland

I recently won 12 Months supply of Acres Dog & Cat Food (through the promotion at our local GAS Station), Both the dogs and the cat love the product, Even better they seem to be eating less, their coats have improved, energy levels have improved and with both the older animals there is more enjoyment around their day to day activities, Thanks Guys!!!!!!