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Vanessa Pirtle, South Island

I contacted Acres to see if they do a specific type of diet to cover my dog as he has allergies. After a lengthy chat about the different diets available I was sent the Grain Free Salmon and Trout formula. Unfortunately when it arrived I noticed that there was a product that he is not allowed on the ingredient list. As it was the weekend I sent an email and promptly on Monday morning I received a call apologising for the mix up and advising of a refund and credit to my account in case there was something else that I would like to get for my dog. I was also asked to send a list of the items that my dog is not allowed to eat so that Acres could talk to their nutritionist to see if there was a diet that could be made specifically to help with his requirements. There is a lot to be sorted in regard to nutritional balance and quality control so I really don't expect to see a product in the near future but it was great to have a pet food company take such interest in working with an owner to try to find an alternative. I've been told that if they can come up with something that they will be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks Acres for addressing the error in such a quick and professional manner. It's rare to get such good customer service nowadays so I was surprised. Such a shame that the food is not suitable for my boy. Great customer service Acres. Truly appreciated.