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Suzanne Brown, Whangaparoa, Auckland

We have been buying Acres complete dog food for Jackson and Angel, our two English Staffordshire Bullterriers, for over a year now and they love it! It keeps them in great condition and their energy levels high...possibly too high! Our female staffy has white fur and sensitive skin. It often flares up with a lot of other dog foods, but not with Acres. We are also impressed with Acres friendly staff and fast delivery. We will be buying Acres products for years to come!

Helen Louise Cook, Warkworth

We use and also sell Acres Complete dog food and we think it is an amazing product. Our dogs love it and all of our guest enjoy it too. You can feed it to any size dog and we have very little if any left in the bowls after their dinner. We find it gentle on the dogs tummy's which is good for us as there is a lot of poop collection in our day lol. Looking forward to trailing the Acres cat food. :)

Nancy Pengelly, Plimmerton

Your dog food arrived yesterday and we love it! Thank you so much for the quick response. My human heard you on the radio a while ago-Danny Watson's talk show-and she has been wanting to try your product. Seeing it on Treat Me inspired her to order some, so we're glad you did that. Thanks again, Cali and Buck

wendy, auckland

my dog OLLY has been on acres kibbles for five weeks now and his coat is so soft and shiny we get comments all the time about his condition for a lab i think its a WINNER!!!!!

Yolla Beagles, Papakura, Auckland

I have recently changed my Bella's (German Shepherd) food to Acres Grain Free. One thing I can say I have never seen Bella eat dry food without her mince and livers, but she loves Acres and is more than happy to start her meal. Very happy doggy.

Justine, Wellington

We switched to Acres for our dog food 18mths ago and love the product and service. It is great to be able to support an NZ business and our dog loves the biscuits too!

Andrew, Pukekawa

We have been feeding our dogs, Sam, Milo & Pepper, on Acres dog food for several months now and find it to be economical and of excelent quality. The dogs love the food and we have also noticed that their coat conditions have improved. Love the product and love the service.

George Rigg, Devonport

My dog Summer Golden retriever age 13 years has never looked so good since eating Acres Dog kibbles Her Coat looks Better and her well being is Much Better she even Looks Trimmer well done acres

Ruth, Auckland

Thanks guys. Got the dog food. Meg (the dog) likes it so all good. Ruth

Robert Osmond, Titirangi north, Auckland

Hello Acres,, just wanted to say that I think you really do have a winning product here at great value for money (no unnecessary cost going on fancy packaging.) I have been feeding your food to my three and a half year old Hungarian Vizsla for just over a year now and she is in great condition and she seems to enjoy it more than the product that is double the price that I used to feed her (for less quantity) before I found your food. As though that was not enough, every time I have contacted the company I have experienced very friendly staff and the longest I have had to wait for delivery has been about four days and occasionally I have received delivery the very next day!!!! All in all, great service- great product- great company. Many thanks Acres from Rob and Varda (keep up the good work)

Dr. Matthew VerMilyea, Albany

After relocating to NZ from the USA, our Great Dane had a tough time in quarantine and lost quite a bit of weight. We picks up a sample bag of ACRES and he could not get enough of it. Now we go through 15kgs every 1.5 weeks….. He loves it and is happier than ever.

Jen Rogers, auckland

Mr Fudge is 6 1/2yrs lab which we have purchased different expensive food. On his 3rd bag of Acres, loves it. kept to his ideal weight and coat looking great. Service great. Thanks

Carolyn Crow, Auckland

We are new to Acres but can see already that we will be ongoing customers. We have tried to feed our dogs a quality biscuit diet for some years now, but of course with two large dogs (an Akita and a Samoyed) that can be very expensive. So we were thrilled to discover a top dog food at half the price of what we were using before and delivered to the door as well! Happy dogs and happy owners with more $$$ to spend on other treats for them. Thanks for your fantastic product and service.

sarah mills, Hamilton

Our Pointer cross loves her food - any food... but we had a lot of trouble with her skin having reactions and frequently came up in itchy rashes. Within 3 days of her eating Acres this was nearly gone! She loves the food, and I really like how it is a good quality product at a reasonable price - and its great to have the efficient delivery service. Thanks Acres

Naylene Smith, Whangarei

To the Acres Pet Food Team, I just HAD to write you about your dog food! We recently acquired our 2 year-old Foxy Cross dog, Tiny (photo attached). When we first got her, we bought a popular EXPENSIVE brand of dog biscuits. And then a couple of weeks later, we remembered our friends had recommended your dog food, so we ordered a bag. When we got your delivery, we combined your dog food with the original food we bought to introduce Tiny to the new taste. WELL......we noticed that she would take a mouthful of the biscuits and drop them on the floor and she would SEPARATE the two types and eat YOUR food FIRST, and when she had eaten all of the Acres food, then she would eat the other! I thought you might like to have this feedback to add to your files. I reckon Tiny's taste preference is the best advertisement you could ever get! Keep up the good work and I'll be placing another order in a few weeks! Cheers, Naylene Smith...PS...feel free to use this in your advertising!

Viv Bidwell, Clive, Hawke's Bay

I took a gamble on the strength of your testimonials, and ordered 2 x 15kg bags of food for my 4 year old, 43kg choc lab/chesapeake bay retriever. The gamble paid off - he only gets one cup of dry food in the mornings, and a K9 raw sausage with a small brisket bone at night. Changing that one cup of dry food to your brand had noticeably softened and improved his coat within 2 weeks. He also loves it :) Brilliant product - thanks very much!