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Ruth, Auckland

Thanks guys. Got the dog food. Meg (the dog) likes it so all good. Ruth

Lynne O'Keeffe, Auckland

My six year old Golden Retriever was having some problems last year with hot spots. The vet suggested a change in diet. I did some research and thought I had found Jack's new very wholesome but hugely expensive dog food. With luck though I saw an advert for Acres Dog Food. I read the testimonials, all excellent and decided to have a trial run. Jack's skin cleared up within 6 weeks, he looks in fantastic condition and he loves the taste of Acre's Dog Food.When my dog is happy I am happy. I also like the idea that every month I am supporting a small New Zealand business that is delivering a great, healthy product. Thank you Acres.

Sue Begg, Hunua

Our 2 short-haired miniature dachshunds have been on Acres for 6 months now. Sam & Ollie love it & they have never looked better. They are in great condition, full of energy & with shiny black coats. Acres keeps their weight in check without them being hungry-with the long back of a dachshund, this is very important. The price is fantastic, compared to what we used to pay. We would happily recommend Acres to anybody.

Lisa Ferdinand, Christchurch, New Zealand

Acers Dog Food is fantastic for my Rottweiler X Huntaway, Wolf. She often get's comments about how shiny her fur is and how healthy she looks. We always tell them to look up Acers Dog Food! Her digestion is never better than when eating Acers, you can notice the difference if she has had to have something else. Thanks for a happy healthy dog :)

wendy, auckland

my dog OLLY has been on acres kibbles for five weeks now and his coat is so soft and shiny we get comments all the time about his condition for a lab i think its a WINNER!!!!!

Sandy Morrison, Northland

I recently won 12 Months supply of Acres Dog & Cat Food (through the promotion at our local GAS Station), Both the dogs and the cat love the product, Even better they seem to be eating less, their coats have improved, energy levels have improved and with both the older animals there is more enjoyment around their day to day activities, Thanks Guys!!!!!!

111 Animal Rescue, Tiffany, Albany, Auckland

Fantastic product. All our dogs are on Acres & even our rescue Pig gets some as a special treat!

Steve Isbill, Auckland

After purchasing hundreds of dollars of the more expensive dry food from the vet specialty brand I found the Acres Pet Products. My boxer did not like the dry food my vet recommended and she lost weight and often would not eat it unless the she was starving. After switching to Acres dry food she loves it, gobbles it down and has now put back on the ideal weight that she should be at. Her coat looks great and she looks healthy and in great shape once again.

sarah mills, Hamilton

Our Pointer cross loves her food - any food... but we had a lot of trouble with her skin having reactions and frequently came up in itchy rashes. Within 3 days of her eating Acres this was nearly gone! She loves the food, and I really like how it is a good quality product at a reasonable price - and its great to have the efficient delivery service. Thanks Acres

Josephine Hardy, Auckland

Very happy with the Acres dog food. We ran out recently and resorted to a supermarket brand, but thank goodness that is almost used up because our dog has become the queen of farts! Can't wait to get back to Acres top quality stuff so we can take the clothes pegs off our noses. Many many thanks!

Perry Larsen, Auckland

Have switched to the Grain Free Salmon and Trout for a spoodle with skin allergies - dog loves the food and seems to be less itchy on this food. Recently had a small issue with a bag couriered to our home that arrived split and taped up - I didn't notice and signed for the bag - when discovered I messaged Acres - and within a few minutes had been contacted and the problem resolved - fantastic customer service!!!!!

Rachael, Auckland

I purchased the TreatMe 15kg deal. Super impressed with delivery. I think I ordered about 9.30-10pm on the day of the deal and the bag was on my door step when I got home the following day at 4.30pm!! So far my dog - Miss Coal - seems to be enjoying the new bikkies. She has been on Eukanuba Large Breed (green bag) for 2 years and I pay $89.95 for 15kg bag Will definately consider your brand again. Regards Rachael

Vanessa Pirtle, South Island

I contacted Acres to see if they do a specific type of diet to cover my dog as he has allergies. After a lengthy chat about the different diets available I was sent the Grain Free Salmon and Trout formula. Unfortunately when it arrived I noticed that there was a product that he is not allowed on the ingredient list. As it was the weekend I sent an email and promptly on Monday morning I received a call apologising for the mix up and advising of a refund and credit to my account in case there was something else that I would like to get for my dog. I was also asked to send a list of the items that my dog is not allowed to eat so that Acres could talk to their nutritionist to see if there was a diet that could be made specifically to help with his requirements. There is a lot to be sorted in regard to nutritional balance and quality control so I really don't expect to see a product in the near future but it was great to have a pet food company take such interest in working with an owner to try to find an alternative. I've been told that if they can come up with something that they will be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks Acres for addressing the error in such a quick and professional manner. It's rare to get such good customer service nowadays so I was surprised. Such a shame that the food is not suitable for my boy. Great customer service Acres. Truly appreciated.

Carolyn Crow, Auckland

We are new to Acres but can see already that we will be ongoing customers. We have tried to feed our dogs a quality biscuit diet for some years now, but of course with two large dogs (an Akita and a Samoyed) that can be very expensive. So we were thrilled to discover a top dog food at half the price of what we were using before and delivered to the door as well! Happy dogs and happy owners with more $$$ to spend on other treats for them. Thanks for your fantastic product and service.

Emma Woods, Tauranga

My dog Angel enjoys Acres dog food. When I first got the food I put it in her treat ball along with her other food and when she rolled the ball to get treats out she would only eat the Acres food and left the rest of the food scattered all over the floor!

Richard Houston, Tauranga

My American Bulldog Blaze has been eating Acres dog food for years now and still loves it. I went through a lot of expensive brands prior to this and he always got sick of them after a few months. Great product at a great price.