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Dogs Aren't Disposable, Te Atatu South, Auckland

As a rescue group we have a lot of dogs to feed on very limited resources, so finding top quality dog food at an affordable price has always been a challenge.  With dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes – some of which have been malnourished for extended periods – we need to know that they are all getting the nutrients required for the best in life, no matter what life stage they are at. We were thrilled to discover Acres Complete Dog Food, and we have yet to have a single complaint from our canine friends.  We admire the Acres approach of focussing on quality instead of ‘frills’ – we care about the condition of our dogs far more than what the bag looks like! – and passing these savings on to their customers to make quality food accessible to more dogs and their owners.  After nearly a year of feeding our pack Acres they are all looking great, with lustrous coats and nice conditioning.  At a fraction of the price of the ‘big name’ brands, with the paws-up from our dogs and the results evident in their appearance and health, Acres Complete Dog Food is a ‘no-brainer’ for us.