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Mary McFarlane, Hamilton NZ

My dog Rascal tore his cruciate ligament on 2nd Jan 15. The quote for surgery was bet $800 and $1900. My lovely vet said that 80% of small to med dogs can recover without surgery, however he needed caged rest and to lose weight. I started Rascal on Acre Petfoods and he has gone from 11.6 kgs to 10 kgs in 6 wks, has a lovely shiny coat and has healed with my TLC and 15 min walks including up and down a small earthmound that builds up his muscles. I use the petfood as treats too for good behaviour and i have just reordered. Rascal is 9 on 2/4/15 and i want him around for many more years to come. I highly recommend this product.