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Help - General FAQ

What area do you define as Auckland and what areas do you define as RURAL and North/South Island delivery?

Please see this map for Auckland Delivery Area. The map area is a rough google maps guide - if your street sits just outside the blue delivery area just give us a call and we will let you know.

All areas with an RD post code are Rural.

All areas outside Auckland Delivery Area are North/South Island.

Can you deliver to New Zealand Islands like Waiheke, Kawau etc?

We are happy to deliver anywhere within New Zealand including islands, although this would be an additional charge over and above Rural North/South Island Delivery. Please contact us with the quantity you wish to purchase and we will provide you with a quote from our couriers. We now deliver to Waiheke Island free of charge.

How are your ingredients listed?

Acres Complete Dog Food is developed by a dedicated team of Animal Nutritionists to ensure it has superior nutrition, taste and performance and meets New Zealand and European compliance for Complete Dog Food. The ingredients (see Composition) are listed in order of in-going weight including highly digestible cereals.

My dog is allergic to ..... Does your Acres Complete Dog Food contain .....?

Several of our stockists are vets and have happily recommended our product in many different situations.

If your dog has been professionally allergy tested by a veterinarian then we suggest you maintain your existing regimen as per your vets advice. However please speak with your vet regarding our product as they will be best able to advise whether there is any reason why you can not or should not use our product. In most cases there will be little reason not to change to Acres Pet Products but each dogs condition is different.

If however your dog has not been professionally allergy tested and has had a poor result on dog food or on a specific type of dog food then we suggest trying our product first with perhaps a 1kg bag and seeing what results you have. Sometimes an adverse reaction can be a false positive caused by an additive within a dog food that is not necessarily related to the ingredients (such as chicken or beef), constituent parts or recipe. You can see from our testimonials how many of our customers have enjoyed remarkable results where previously they had thought their dog had a condition or adverse reaction to a component or other product. Our product ingredients are all high quality and non-GM.

Does your Acres Complete Dog Food contain .....?

Raw Materials are only purchased from the best suppliers, each one being approved to supply raw materials following audits, questionnaires and thorough analysis. Purchase specifications are based on very stringent human grade standards or above. Each Raw Material delivery is given a unique batch identity number and bar code to ensure full traceability. Each batch is sampled, archived and analysed on-site in the laboratory to ensure compliance. Analysis includes a review of nutrients such as Moisture, Oil, Protein, Fibre, Ash, Starch and Minerals. Routine microbiological and physical assessments are conducted and every batch of cereal is checked for mycotoxins to human or even baby food standards. Analysis of cook level, density and moisture is being checked even before the product is dry to ensure that the final product will be correct right throughout the batch. Analysis is for Moisture, Oil, Protein, Fibre, Ash and importantly cook level. Innovative indirect analysis ensures digestibility and nutrient analyses are accessible to QC for their approval within seconds. Size, shape, colour and density of individual kibbles are also checked to exacting and unsurpassed standards. Acres Complete dog food is derived from multiple meat sources. The complete answer being that the protein source is of both bovine and ovine origins. Any further breakdown in the structure of our recipe opens our highly successful and nutritional formula to the rest of the market and formulas can be closely guarded secrets.

Is this AAFCO/FEDIAF approved?

AAFCO is The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) which is a voluntary membership association of local, state and federal agencies charged by law to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies. This relates to America.

As our Complete Dog Food is manufactured in the United Kingdom it must comply to FEDIAF standards with vast swathes of legislation and all United Kingdom, European Community (EC) and New Zealand legislation for the manufacture of Dog Food.

This is controlled by FEDIAF - the European Pet Food Industry Association which is represented by over 26 European countries and 650 pet food manufacturers.

For more information regarding FEDIAF please refer to their website: www.fediaf.org and for what Acres Complete Dog Food is required to comply with here in NZ at www.biosecurity.govt.nz

You can also download and read the extensive Nutritional Guidelines for which our Complete Dog Food adheres to. We believe these are some of the strictest quality standards in the world.

What country is your Dog Food made/manufactured in?

The story about the owner and his dog.  Our CEO, a returning Kiwi, came back to New Zealand to buy a house before bringing over his best friend – his Labrador.  On looking into dog food here he was concerned about quality and the excessive cost. He went back to the United Kingdom to see his friend who manufactures dog food for some of the biggest and best dog food companies. Together they discovered that he could bring over the high quality food his dog was used to and as long as he was prepared not spend money on flash packaging and marketing, then he could introduce this dog food into New Zealand at a very reasonable price. Long story short and in answer to your question, Acres Complete Dog Food is produced for Acres in the United Kingdom where they have strict regulations and compliance rules and allows Acres to provide a good quality Complete Dog Food at a very competitive price because of the careful planning and simple clear packaging.